Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dream pillow's

Cherokee Dream pillow

To bring good and prophetic dreams.  All flowers are dried.

2 oz. lavender flowers
2 oz. sage
1 oz. ground orris root
2 oz. deer's tongue herb
1 oz. cedar shavings
2 oz. coltsfoot herb
2 oz.sweet fern
1 oz. violets

The following mixture is stuffed into a small pillow that is placed under your
regular pillow or next to your head while you sleep. Start by sewing up three
sides on two squares of fabric fill the pillow and close with a simple stitch.

Moon Day Dream Pillows
Prepare for psychic dreams tonight! Make a dream pillow by mixing some or all of the
following herbs to make a cupful:

(the first two are required)

rose petals,
orange blossoms,
and buckwheat hulls.

Sew them up in a small rectangle of Moon-and-star printed cloth. Stuff the dream pillow into your pillowcase with your usual pillow.

Before sleep, tell yourself that you will remember your dreams.

Place a small notebook and pen by the bed so you can record the dreams you remember when you wake up in the morning.

Continue using the dream pillow for best

~Denise Dumars

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