Thursday, September 27, 2012

making your own bath gel

Bath Jelly

Bath jelly is a fun alternative to bath gel and can be found in all the popular bath shops. This is perfect for kids. Add a small toy tucked into the Jelly before it sets will give the kids an incentive to get to the bottom of the Jelly soap. There are so many inch high mini toys out there to choose from. If creating a group of jellies for a craft fair just stop by a bubblegum machine with toys and start on the magical journey of creation.

1 packet of Unflavored gelatin (1tbs) 1/2 cup of Liquid soap
1 tsp of Salt 3/4 cup of Water
Food Coloring to match fragrance Storage jar seal able lid
Fragrant oils or essential oils

Empty the packet of gelatin into a bowl and set aside. Boil 3/4 cup of water using a saucepan or kettle.

Carefully pour the hot water into a mixing bowl and mix it with the gelatin powder. Let the gelatin dissolve completely.

Next pour the liquid soap into the gelatin mix. Add 2 drops of food coloring into the mix and also add your fragrance oil. Add about 5 drops and stir it very gently so the bubbles do not become too agitated. Add salt.

Pour the mix into a clean storage container and allow to set for several hours in the refrigerator. Add the toy now if adding one
Dispose of the jelly after several weeks or if mold is present. Avoid mold by keeping it in an airtight container in a cool place at all times.

Add a plastic character spoon to the jar to make use easier. Attach a tag saying

(Child's name) Bath Jelly :any fragrance and color the child likes- monkey farts for a boy and maybe strawberry's for a girl. Or a action figure like "Green Lantern Bath Jelly" {Making it green and maybe apple scented or lime scented}.

Place a small amount of jelly under warm running water to use.

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