Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple Pine Cone Gifts

Pine cones, in my opinion, are a wonder of nature. They also can make for some interesting crafts! You can make everything from simple, painted Christmas tree ornaments to stunning tabletop decorations. The only trick to using fresh pine cones in crafts, is to remember that pine cones have seeds inside them and some may also contain sap. You can avoid the mess this can cause simply
by setting your pine cones on a cookie sheet and placing them in a 200 degree oven for about an hour.

If you, or a friend, have an open fire, a lovely touch is to throw scented cones into the flames.

an old tin can
essential oils
food coloring if desired

Melt some beeswax (or old candle stubs) in a washed can placed in a pan of water. Using a can inside the pan means you can simply throw it away and are not left with a waxy pan to try to clean. Add a few drops of scented oil. Leave to cool and thicken very slightly and drop cones in. Remove the cones with tongs and leave them to drain and dry on aluminum foil. Don't waste expensive essential oils on this--cheaper oils are just fine. Keep a big basket full of these by the fire.

Spiced Pinecones

You will need:
Ground ginger
Ground cinnamon
Or any crushed dry spice you wish
craft glue
foam brush

Mix 1 part glue to 1 part water. Use foam brush to paint the
pinecone. Mix equal parts of the spices in a bowl. Sprinkle
spice over the pinecone and roll in spice. When coated, allow to dry.

Uses: You can use these in baskets, glued on wreaths, or even solo,
as an ornament. Hot glue a ribbon the the very top of the pinecone.
Add accents to the top, such a spanish moss, raffia or dried flowers.

Pine Cone Air Freshener

Instructions to make a simple gift or decoration.

Materials Needed:

Pine Cones
Christmas Tree Lights
2 Quart, Large Mouth Jar
Lace Material (or a doily)

Place the pine cones and potpourri in the jar so it is about 3/4 of the way
full. Gently tuck a small string of white Christmas tree lights in the jar.
Use a ruler or pencil to spread the lights out so they are evenly spaced and
can be seen well on all sides. Make sure you have enough of the light string
hanging out so it can easily be plugged in. Once the lights are in place,
fill the jar to the top with the potpourri. Do not cover it with the jar lid

Cut a circle out of a piece of lace material about 2 inches larger than the
top of the jar. Lay it on the top of the jar, making sure the plug end of
the light string is sticking out in the back under the lace.

Secure the lace by tying a ribbon around the top edge of the jar. (Instead of the lace
material, you can use a doily and get the same great effect!)

Once plugged in, this is a beautiful decoration and the scent is wonderful!
This is a simple craft that makes a wonderful gift!

TIP from Uhlamae: Uhlamae uses only potpourri and she adds scented oil as
she layers in the potpourri.

Pine Cone Angel

Instructions to make an angel out of a pine cone. A fun gift idea or even a
great Christmas tree ornament.
Materials Needed:

Pine Cone
1 inch Wooden Ball Head
1 - 2 Inch Wide Lace
Silver Pipe Cleaner
Doll Hair, Yarn, Etc.
The pine cone will be the angel's body. Paint it whatever color you like. I
painted mine white.
Once the paint is dry, glue the wooden ball onto the pointy side of the pine
cone. I was lucky enough to be able to simply slide the hole in the wooden
ball onto the tip on the pine cone. You can paint the ball/head if you like,
I left mine as it came.
For the wings, I cut two 6 inch pieces of lace.
Lay them on the table so the gathered edges are together and pinch them in
the middle. Tie where you pinched with a small piece of pipe cleaner. Glue
the pinched/tied section to the back of the pine cone for the angel's wings.
Paint a simple face on your angel. Glue on doll hair, yarn, or something
else for the hair. Add a small circle of the silver pipe cleaner for the halo

Your little angel will make a nice gift for someone. You can even try to
find a 'Guardian Angel' poem to go with it! You can also use it as a
Christmas tree decoration.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Simply get yourself some Pinecones, dip them in peanut butter or honey, dip them in some bird seed and tie them to your trees with a bit of twine!
They look nice and keep our feathered friends happy, especially in winter.

You can make and freeze for a supply to put out later in winter.

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