Sunday, May 6, 2012

a bit about me and what I plan for this blog!

I started out accustomed to spirits visiting. It wasn't until about age 5 that I understood that some of the people I talked to had died long ago. My mother didn't really discuss much of her abilities until I was around 7 and she had not taken precautions with a Ouija board. It was my first look at a what I call a shadow entity. A small energy feeder that sucks it's life from the living. They will not kill you and are quite shy but will leave you feeling drained. Once they find out I know of no way to release yourself. You can only find them by staring at a shadow in a room for 5 or more minutes. At some point it will stretch and go back into it's shadow mocking state to hide again. The one I saw tried to hide as a TV shadow. It seamed to (When stretching) turn into a rounded headed creature with arms and some sort of fingers or claws. As I said it was all shadow and no real form. I have later heard them described as a Energy vampire consciousness without form. There are thing that go bump in the night and they are real. Many can not hurt creatures that can't see them. So the more you can see the more protection you need to in list all the time.

My fathers love of rocks and crafts were also a part of my life quite young.

As was my mother love of flowers and colognes that they could make. I was making my first cologne at age 6.

Both parents made jewelry as do I now . My mother loving shells and my father liking rocks. They owned a jewelry company out of their home after retiring.

My aunt Pat started me on a love of yarn. She taught me knitting. My first ex hubbies mom taught me crochet. I learned macrame at a craft summer school at age 7 that my aunt Kathleen sent us to while she baby sat us.

I carried their loves a little further and started making lotions and ointments about 6 years ago. I now make lotions, perfumes, aftershaves, tooth paste, skin products and medicine chest items.

This site will be a collection of crafts, lotions and herbal remedies. Plus talks about how to find herbs in the wild as well as how to use them, Now that the intro stuff is done, Please stay tuned. I want this info shared, so please use all the recipes and maybe even link this site when you can to others who want a more natural back to older times life.

Blessings to all who enter!

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