Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where we come from answers a few questions as to who we are

My last picture of my Grandmother on my fathers side Dorothy "Anglin" Duke

Looking back further to my parents. Well I was brought up in a very easy going household. Without the usual taboos. My parents were always wondering the house in underwear or less. Sexual differences were a given not a curse. Cloths were an option. No one cared. I was never spanked and only once did my father ever hit me, a slap on the face. I deserved it. It hurt only a second. But the mark lasted as a hand print most of the day. The effect of it about killed my father. I don't think he ever forgave himself. For the most part they were hippies before hippies came to be. But with one big difference no drugs. They didn't drink either.

My dad's parents came from England. My grandmother was from a very well to do family and my grandfather was about as poor as they get there. From what I understand there were two classes in England rich and poor. My grand parents were one of each. My grandfather worked for Cunard cruise lines. My grandmother never worked. Her parents disowned her when she married my grandfather. So they set out for the America's.

To do that my grandfather signed on with a new cruise ship The Titanic. My grandmother was pregnant with my father. Well at the departure plank they lost their place on the ship to a couple who could pay $5.00 more. It was another few months before they would make that trip here, but thinking about that makes me thankful someone else had more money. I would never of been born. My grand parents would have been with those locked below until the rich had boarded the life boats. And we all know there were not enough boats for everyone. Thus that movie holds a lot of emotions for me.

On to my Mothers family. Her parents were from Canada . My grandmother side was a Heinz variety . My grandfathers side was French Canadian. They settled here in Michigan in Royal oak with her mother Anna and his sister Jean.

Now back to my parents. My father was someone who didn't like differences. My mother was different. She came from a long line of what you would call hedge witches. She turned her back on that for my father or at least for the most part. My father was afraid of old people, my mother afraid she would be burned at the stake. So both were handy capped in different ways. My mother having given up her history and my father to consumed in being normal to ever be. My father was highly prestigious. My mother memorized with fire.

Enter me. I was not what they had bargained for By age 7 I had made them both reevaluate The power and wonder of family. No more was the fact that we were part American Indian on my mothers side hidden. Later my father started making Indian jewelry. I took up my grandmother legacy, Herbs. I have been hooked ever since. There is always more to learn.

In found this on the name Anglin in England and where they originated

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