Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just starting out

As we look forward we see possibilities as there is only possibilities, nothing is written. But in looking backward we see who we are by exploring who our family was, and their family and their family.....
This blog will be a weekly account of past vs present as I feel my way through life.

Five years ago "2007"  I came out of the broom closet. No guys not "the closet" but the BROOM CLOSET!  A far worse thing could be wished on no man. I lost my job at a 100 hospital that assures every applicant that they DO NOT discriminate. Because I was Pagan. The whispers were I was a witch and I had hexed some people. Oh my! Can't they do any better than that. Really!

Anyway, long story short I had just divorced and loosing my Job in such a small town also cost me my house as I could not pay for any longer. So in the end of  "2009"  I put it up for sale. a little hockus pokus and second month on the market it sold.  So I escaped the clutches of the repo faery.

Now in January of 2010 I moved to a place he had remembered fondly. Long story short we moved again. This time the house was on the market 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS in today's housing market, not bad at all! I remarried in June 2010.

That brings us to this house and a time of transition. We bought this house because of it's spa like feeling and quiet recessed yard. People are not overly friendly though, that makes me sad. Still It suits our purpose. Still working at a low paying job My husband had said enough and we both set out   on a job we would like to do. Mine was writing. So Dec 31th 2012, I quit to start on a writing adventure.

I have so many books going through my head daily that I will never get them all out. My inspiration comes from life and at times dreams. I just adore dreams as they can mold themselves in ways we don't think of.

My first book is now in the process of having proof readers have their say. Yes in less just about 4 months. I hear other writers saying their first took 5-15 years. It started as a beware type book but soon took on a life of it's own. I am so proud. Being a Gemini I pack more than I can do in everyday and pray a lot. I will be going to press soon will keep you posted on it's debut.

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