Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What to do with unused lotions and creams

So often we buy a product either becase it smells or looks good or becaudse someone recomended it. So there we sit with more and more partly used lotions and fcreams that really do not do what they were intended to do. Sometimes even promised to do, but lets face it just plain didn't. Well gather them up and here is a recipe to use them up while being both frugal and savy at the same time. While you are at it you can add esssential oils for help in a troubled area or a scent to make the lotion a wonderful joy to wear.

Note the * by some of the products. These are family Dollar or dollar general items. Very cheap and perfect for this and many other lotions and creams. Stock up if you are going to follow this blog as I use them in an assortment of products.

Getting ready to start. I found very early in that I needed 1 sauce pan, a large and small glass bowl and a hand mixer. You should not use the same ones you use to make food items. But for now it you started with just a spoon and a large plastic throw away container you have all you need for this recipe.

Added Notes.

Essential oils- is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid dirived from plants. and are usually extracted by disillation. They are the ones that have medicinal use. You use these for their healing value.

Fragrance oils- they are for scent alone. There are fragrance oils for about every scent amaginable, from Monkey farts to rain forrest, from autum wreath to cookies and cream. You use these when you just need a scent.

Redo Store Bought Lotion

2 cups assorted of lotions (1 kind or 20 it makes no difference)
1 (4 oz) Nadinola Cocoa Butter Cream (* Look inside and make sure it is cream and not a solid)
4 oz Vitamin E oil (*in a bottle)
4 teaspoon vitamin A&D oitment
10-15 drops of a essential or fragrance oil (Optional)

In a glass bowl or a throw away plastic container empty all your assorted lotions or creams. Add the other ingredients using the stated amounts for every two cups of lotions. Mix well making sure it is totally blended. You can add a little water if you need to.  Then store in either a pump bottle or a jar.  How many will depend on what you use, the size of the bottle and how many sets of two cups you have in leftover lotion.

I save the old Nadinola jars for salves. So wash it and save. I also use old pump bottle soap dispensers for my lotions. So start saving them as well.

I usually use peppermint essential oil)~ it had antibiotic, used for painrelief and has methol in it so it has a cooling action adding life to dull dry skin and helps with skin that is too oily as well.

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