Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gunk Remover Vs Sticky Bye-bye

I saw this on another blog and thought I would check it out. It doesn't have much in the line of ingredients but it isn't as good as Sticky Bye-bye. So from there I checked out what Sticky Bye-bye actually has in it and this is what I came up with. First the product that got me going.

Gunk Remover.
Mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part coconut oil, rubbed a little on the sticky spot, and let it sit for a minute or so. Then I scrubbed the spot with a scouring pad, rinsed it off, and voilĂ ! Good as new, gunk is gone.

After reading it I thought that doesn't sound so great. So I tried it. Well it helps some but so would any abrasive like salt. so I thought a moment. I know some friends who swear by Sticky Bye-bye      
So I worked on the ingredient list and came up with these measurements to make my own version of this stuff.

Copy Cat Sticky Bye-Bye

This stuff is used by teachers to remove gunk from kids hands after craft projects, by the cannabis caregivers after trimming buds, By fishermen, by chefs who peal a lot of onion or garlic and need to remove it from their hands,  and by people who want to remove sticky labels from jars they want to keep. It does everything the recipe above does,  plus it leaves your hands smelling fresh and removes any cannabis residue if you are a caregiver. It also helps remove smells from plastic ware. This is my own creation taken from the list of ingredients.

3 tablespoons Caster oil
1 cup sea salt
1 teaspoon Castile soap
15 drops sweet orange essential oil
15 drops Lemon essential oil 
witch hazel (enough to make a thick paste)
Mix together everything but the witch hazel and then add just enough witch hazel to create a thick paste.  To use simply add a little to the palm of your hands and rub it in them use soap and water to remove the residue.

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