Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair Rinse and Body Scrub

The original recipe (I found on Facebook) called for more essential oil than I felt was safe on your hair so I changed it. Also Special note. Never use essential oils on hair if you dye it. the chemicals in the dye do not work well with essential oils. You will find yourself bald in spots. The hair will grow back but it will be 6 months or longer of strands while your head and hair recoup.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Conventional Shampoos and Conditioners leave a Residue get rid of it to make your hair Shiny again This Recipe works for all hair types and men and women

Mix 1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar with
1/2 Teaspoon tea Tree oil, peppermint or Spearmint
and 5 drops Lavender oil or a handful of Dried Lavender
you can also use Sandalwood
2 Teaspoons honey and 1 cup hot water ( not Boiling )

mix together it should form a Thick Soupy paste
Rub and massage into your hair and scalp

you will feel a tingle as it works and gets rid of Shampoo and Conditioner Residue

(allow it to remain in your hair 5 -10 minutes rubbing it in) this was in the original post found on facebook. Do not do that, chances are you will increase the chance of bald patches.

Rinse and enjoy your shiny hair

This also works to as a natural body scrub (a wonderful idea)

Avoid getting it in your eyes.

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