Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elemental Incenses

Magical people quickly find themselves on intimate terms with the four
elements: earth, water, fire, and air. As basic as the elements their
associations are vitally important to all our magickal and ritual
workings because they make up the four-squared foundations on which our
successes are constructed. Newcomers and elders alike need the to seek out new
ways to align with these energies and keep their associations fresh and at
the forefront of the magical consciousness.

One of easiest ways to accomplish this is to work with incenses that
embody the energies of each element, changing each formula when grows
too familar. Incenses can be ignited in a small, heat-resistant bowls and
placed at the four cardinal points of our sacred circles, or at the four
points of a personal altar when all four need to be present in balance.
They can be used individually when a spell or other magical working
requires to attune with one particular element that is related to our

To use homemade incenses you will need to purchase charcoal incense
blocks that can be found in occult and metaphysical shops, religious
supply stores, or can be ordered from many occult mail order houses.
Avoid using the fast-lighting charcoal designed for outdoor barbecue
. These brands contain substances that are not meant to be used
in unventilated areas and can be harmful if inhaled.

Incenses can be made from any dried, non-toxic plant. This includes
stems, petals, blades, bark, and roots. Fresh plants can be tied in
small bundles and hung up in an arid area of your home to dry. When the
plants have dried, measure out a small amount and begin to grind them slowly
into a powder, keeping in mind the whole time the precise purpose foe which
they are being created. This is the beginning of the magical process
when you start moving toward your goal by your will power and
visualizations. Many powdered herbs are readily available in culinary shops, and
these can also be used, but you should first handle them extensively in order to
imbue them with your personal energy.

Make sure the charcoal block is lit and burning evenly before applying
any incense. Most of these "blocks" are round, and you can estimate
the amount of incense it can easily take by matching it to its diameter.
For example, a charcoal block with a 1/2-inch diameter can take about a
level half half teaspoon of powdered incense. Incense can be reapplied when
at least three-quarters of what already applied has burned off.

The following recipes can get you started working with the elemental
incenses. When you feel it's time for a change, take a look at the
list of alternative herbs provided to begin experimenting with your own
elemental blends. As you will see from this list, several herbs have more than
one elemental attribute.

Earth Incense

Earth is usually associated with the direction of north. This element
is feminine in nature, and its attributes include stability, fertility,
prosperity, grounding, money, planting, home life, the Mother Earth
herself, and many types of healing. For the basic earth incense
combinethe following:

3 parts patchouli
2 parts pine
1 part bistort
1 part vervain
Other earth-related herbs and plants include barley, cedar, corn silk,
juniper, magnolia, oak bark, soybeans and wheat.

Water Incense

Water is usually assigned to the direstion of west. This is the
element of the natural psychic, one related to pregnancy, birth, rebirth, death,
regeneration, divination, purification, psychic endeavors, spirit
contact, and past life exploration. Water is the other feminine element. To
make the basic water incense try using the the following:

3 parts lavender
1 part willow bark
1 part catnip
1/4 part valerian

Other water-related herbs and plants include cypress bark, jasmine,
kelp, lotus, moss, mrytle, myrrh, rue, sandalwood chips, seaweed, and

Fire Incense

Fire is a masculine element, one usually associated with the south in
the Northern Hemisphere. Its energies govern the areas of protection,
employment, sex magic, the law, exorcism, strength and courage, and
profound transformations or change. A basic fire incense recipe

4 parts frankincense
3 parts cinnamon
1 part dried orange peels
1/4 part thyme

Other fire-related herbs and plants include allspice, basil, bay,
black pepper, clove, cumin, dill, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, onions, and

Air Incense

Air is the other masculine element and it is usually associated with
east. Areas governed by this element are education, communication, weather
magic, general power raising, and music magic. The following combination
makes a basic air incense:

4 parts rosemary
2 parts mugwart
1 part chicory
1/2 part coffee beans

Other air-related herbs and plants include benzoin, elm bark,
lavender, parsley, sage, spearmint, and wormwood.

(source unknown)

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