Monday, November 5, 2012

The Herbs of Cancer ~ Healing Herbs by Ada Muir

Water Lily: Good for an ulcerated stomach but must be used carefully. It is most valuable as a wash for external ulcers. The juice from the flowers will remove freckles and sunburn.

Dog's Tooth Violet: Its expressed juice is good for dropsy, the leaves are cooling and healing, if placed on ulcerous growths. The root, simmered in milk will remove stomach worms and relieve an ulcerated stomach.

Chickweed: An ointment made from this is excellent for erysipelas. It enters largely into the herbal remedies for obesity. As a poultice it is good for ulcerous sores and as a tea will relieve an ulcerated stomach.

Honeysuckle: One of the best remedies for stomach cramps, the leaves only being used.

Lettuce: Also a Cancer plant and its soothing sedative properties are well known.

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