Friday, November 2, 2012

Lemon balm beauty products


An infusion of leaves makes a refreshing skin toner and can be used in rinse water for clothes. A stronger infusion makes a good rinse for oily hair. Use as a facial steam for dry skin.

Minty Astringent

1 Tbsp fresh lemon balm (or peppermint or spearmint)
1 cup witch hazel

Combine the ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Allow herb to steep for 1 week. Strain. Use 1 teaspoon per application. Refrigeration not required.

Lemon Balm Honey Bee Mouthwash

25 fresh lemon balm leaves
2 oz chartreuse liqueur
8 oz glass jar with screw-top
5 inch square cheese cloth
6 oz distilled water
1 tsp honey
8 oz amber glass bottle with screw top

Coarsely chop lemon balm. In the glass jar, combine the lemon balm and the liqueur. Set aside in a cool, dark place for two weeks to extract the healing essences from the lemon balm leaves. Shake the bottle once a day. Place the cheese cloth in a fine-gauge sieve and strain the tincture into a glass bowl. Discard the herb. Add the distilled water and honey. Whisk to dissolve the honey. Transfer to the amber bottle. Rinse or gargle twice a day with a half oz of the mouthwash.

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