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Yule's "Holiday Moments" gifts to enjoy

As we grow older, we find the magick of the Yule - Christmas season dwindles in our minds. As a child, we gaze with wide eyed wonder. As a young parent, we are renewed as our little ones experience the magick we once knew. But as I age, kids moved away, soon what was once a great family gathering has now become a dreaded chore. The magick is usually when everyone is able to come together at all. With Thanksgiving, I really felt that this year. I miss a large family get together. Since most likely Yule will be spent with just my hubby, I decided if I couldn't be with them at least I wanted to make sure they would remember me long after the holiday season.

So this year I decided to create a tradition of a gift basket around a single essential oil. For my first basket, I chose "Holiday Moments".

Holiday Momentss, an aroma therapy oil, is sold online and in most stores that sell essential oils (especially this time of year).

If you can not find it you can create your own by using these essential oils  Orange, Spruce, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pine, Peppermint, Fir and Cinnamon Bark.

This required a trip to the neighboring woods where I picked up some pine needles, some broken ceder twigs to make into chips, small and regular pinecones, and assorted woodland offerings. then once home I also visited my back yard where I found acorns and what I refer to as their hats. Now I was ready to begin.

Also if you type in "Free jar lables" You will find a large amount of choices to make your products special. This is the one I chose. Once you choose your labels you can copy and paste the labels I wrote out in darker and smaller letters for each product

What This aroma therapy blend does for you.

Holiday Moments was created to enhance the feeling and memory of the Holiday Season and the desire to recapture the joyful moments that it brings. It balances the emotions either relaxing or stimulating as needed, awakening creativity, inspiring harmony and promotes self-awareness. It is grounding, calming, uplifting, and assists to motivate you to move forward and eliminate blocked personal growth. It improves concentration, energizes and relieves mental fatigue. The cinnamon in this blend protects against airborne viruses and bacteria. When diffused it is a pleasant air purifier and fragrance for the home.

Holiday Moments Cologne

A cologne to wear during the incredible season of Yule-Christmas as our Mother Earth tips on her axis and thus begins our  journey into the light once more. Label.

3/4 cup distilled water
1  tablespoons vodka
20 drops Holiday Moments Essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together, shake well. Place in a dark color bottle.  Label. Then allow the perfume to settle for at least 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.

Holiday Moments Cologne

Dab on pulse points for
long-lasting fragrance


Holiday Moments After shave  (This can be used for men or women)

1/4 cup aloe vera green gel
1/2 cup witch havel
20 drops Homiday Moments essential oil

Place in a bottle and shake well to blend.  allow to sit 12 hours and Labeland attach a tag saying:

Holiday Moments After shave.

To sooth face for men
or legs for ladies


Holiday Moments Lotion Bar

Lotion Bar's are a soap like bar that is a compressed moisturising lotion, which is rubbed directly onto the skin without water.

2 tablespoon Beeswax
2 tablespoon Cocoa Butter
2 tablespoon Coconut Oil
7 drops Holiday Moments essential oil

Start by melting the beswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter together in a small bowl. Once all the ingredients are melted, add the essential oil and stir through. Pour the mix into suitable mold.

Soap molds or a muffin tin is good for these lotion bars as long as they are easy to hold on to.
Putting a  foil baking cup in a muffin tin and pouring your lotion bar into it makes a wonderful way to present your gift. wrap in a colored plastic wrap or tin and attach a tag with:

Holiday Moments Lotion Bar

Use as you would any lotion. Protects
against airborne viruses and bacteria.


Holiday Moments Linen Spray

16 oz spray bottle
distilled water
2 tsp 100 proof vodka Or 3 tsp witch hazel
1 1/2 teaspoons Holiday moments essential oil blend

In the spray bottle add the vodka and essential oil then fill with water. shake and allow to mix. Spray on your linen or pillows a while before going to bed for a added help against the winter flu season


Fire Place Potpourri

pine cones painted with wax and sprinkled with cinnamon,
cedar chips
Pine needles

Mix together and put in a pretty cellophane cone. Drop in 5 or so drops of holiday moments essential oil and tie with a pretty Christmas ribbon.
On the tag include this

Holiday Moments Fireplace Potpourri.

To use
Throw a little on burning logs in fireplace.



Holiday Moments Potpourri

A potpourri for the holiday hearth or family room

Make a potpourri by mixing together
2-3 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces
1 1/4 cup small pine cones
1 1/2 cups cedar chips
1 cup pine needles

Put in an 1 qt mason jar and add

10-20 drops Holiday Moments essential oil

Seal jar replacing the lid with a pretty green plastic lid you will find near the jars and tie with a holiday ribbon. Attach a tag saying

Holiday Moments Potpourri

Just pour as little or as much as
you wish into a bowl and enjoy



Holiday Moments Shower gel

It protects the skin from viruses and bacteria while leaving it feeling fresh, clean, and tingling.

40 drops Holiday Moments essential oil
8 ounces (1 cup) castile liquid soap
1/2 cup clear for regular) or green (If pain relief is also an issue )Aloe Vera gel
1/4 cup distilled water

Mix well and put into flip top bottles. (Note you can also get those type bottles at walmart with a hanging loop attached making iteasy to hang in the shower. Make a label that says:

Holiday Moments Shower gel

protects the skin from viruses and bacteria


Holiday Moments Gel Air Freshener

I have found I prefer to use the tall jelly jars as you can add pretty accents in them and still see them.
An amazing air gel that guards against airborne viruses and bacteria.

a few Pine needles
small pine cones or other woodland offerings
2 cups water
4 individual envelopes of unflavored gelatin
2 tbsp. salt
heat-safe containers jelly sized mason jars are wonderful
25 or more drops Holiday Moments essential oil

In a saucepan, heat 1 ½ cups water and the salt until the salt is dissolved. Then add the gelatin, and stir until thoroughly dissolved. Remove from heat. Add the remaining water and essential oils and stir until completely combined. Pour into containers and allow to cool thoroughly. I gave them a personal touch by adding small woodland offerings and 1 drop green food coloring when I added the gelatin. Once cool  top with a lid with holes punched in or a mesh top. if you can pick up the plastic tops that also are on the jar isle they will look even prettier. tie a bow with ribbon and attach a tag saying.

Holiday Momnets Gel Air freshener

An amazing air gel that guards against
 airborne viruses and bacteria

NOTES: after making my first air freshener I noticed that if you put  something inside you need to glue it down before starting or it will float in mid air. Second thing I noticed that I wasn't fond of it it comes out murky not clear. so next time I will add a color and maybe paint the outside of the jar with some cute design unstead of putting things inside.

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