Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pumpkin Seed Gift Soap

This too was to good to pass up for this time of year!

For anyone who loves to carve pumpkins, but has no desire to roast and eat the pumpkin seeds, this Halloween craft idea is for you. You can still enjoy the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, when you use them as an exfoliating ingredient in the homemade pumpkin seed soap. This Halloween craft idea is a great way to use pumpkin seeds, and make gift soaps for either the upcoming holiday season, or to give as birthday gifts throughout the year.

This craft using pumpkin seeds to make an exfoliating gift soap is for middle school children and older, since it involves using hot water. A grown up will need to be involved in making this holiday

This is also an appropriate craft for adults.

You will need one package of foil muffin tin liners.

Helpful Holiday Hint: Purchase foil muffin tins that reflect the way
you will be using this pumpkin seed soap. For example, If this
pumpkin seed soap will be used at a Halloween party, use Halloween
themed foil muffin papers.

If these homemade soaps will be used for the holidays, any color will
do. Or find holiday-themed foil, or simply foil in holiday colors.

To give these homemade soaps as birthday presents, purchase
birthday-themed muffin tin papers.
A muffin pan

The muffin pan can be a sturdy metal pan, or an inexpensive hard foil
one that you buy at the grocery store or discount retailer.
One empty coffee can

The coffee can will be used to melt the soap, without ruining mom's
and dad's cookware!
One handled sauce pan

Ingredients Needed to Make Pumpkin Seed Gift Soap

Glycerin Soap

This easy Halloween craft uses pre-made glycerin soap.

Helpful Holiday Hint: Two bars of 4 ounce soap will make eight small
bars of gift soap.
Chopped Pumpkin Seeds

Have an adult chop up some pumpkin seeds. (Note From Erma: we will be using a blender at our house, not to puree' but just a couple of short bursts.)
To make the eight small bars of gift soap, you will need approximately half of a cup of crushed pumpkin seeds.

Keep some extra pumpkin seeds hole, to decorate the top of the soap.
Strips of Orange Raffia
Optional: strips of orange raffia, or other color of this craft paper
that is appropriate for your gift-giving.
Small homemade tags or craft tags

Optional: Write "Homemade Pumpkin Seed Soap" on the tags. This lets
the recipient know there are real pumpkin seeds in the gift soap.

Preparation for Making This Craft

The pumpkin seeds need to be chopped. and measured.

Tie each strip of raffia one into a bow.
Set aside.
Unwrap the glycerin soaps and place them into the coffee can.
Fill the saucepan halfway with water, leaving enough room for thecoffee can.
Place the foil muffin tins into the muffin pan.
Get an adult.
Melting the Glycerin
An adult can heat the pan, with the coffee can in it, until the soap melts.
Then the melted mixture can be poured into the waiting foil muffin tins.
When the soap has hardened somewhat, place the raffia ribbon on the top, along with one whole pumpkin seed, for decoration. Let the soap completely harden.

Remove the soap from the pan, keeping it in the foil. Use a spoon to get the muffin tins out of the pan if you need help.

Add a tag.

Helpful Holiday Hint: This is a great gift for anyone who does a lot of crafts, and gets paint and glue on their hands. Any artist or gardener will also appreciate this thoughtful, homemade gift soap.

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