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Incense Blend Recipes


The following recipes are from a variety of sources. If you prefer a blend of scents in your incense to one herb alone try some of these. To have the most power they should be compounded with ritual on the appropriate day and time for the intent. Measurements vary but those with fractions simply mean that fraction of the quantity you are compounding should be of that material. A part can be 1 teaspoon, 1 cup, 1 pound; anything you want depending upon how much incense you want to make. I recommend starting with teaspoons along with the appropriate fractions of a teaspoon. Measurements can be cut down to produce a smaller quantity. The ratios of ingredients may be altered to suit your sense of smell. None of these incenses will remain lit by themselves, they must be smoldered on charcoals. And remember, they are for a purpose, not all of them are pleasantly scented since the herbs were chosen for a reason. Some just smell like burning leaves, some smell incensy, and some are not so nice.

Purification, Peace, Banishing, Exorcism Incenses

Domestic Tranquility Incense

Sage 3/4, Rue 1/4, Ground Ivy 1/2, Bayberry Oil few drops, Bayberry 1/4, Linden 1 1/4

Eightfold Hearth Incense

Burn for a safe, warm, loving home. Dragons Blood Resin 2, Juniper 12, Sassafras 1/2, Orange Flowers 1/2, Myrrh Resin 2, Rose Petals 1/2

House Purification Incense

Frankincense 3, Dragons Blood Resin 2, Myrrh Resin 1, Sandalwood 1, Wood Betony 1, Dill Seed 1/2, Rose Geranium Oil few drops

Exorcism Incense

Frankincense 3, Rosemary 1, Bay Leaves 1, Avens 1, Mugwort 1, St Johns Wort 1, Angelica 1, Basil 1. Burn with windows open to drive out very heavy negativity.

Purification Incense

Sandalwood 2, Cinnamon 1, Bay 2, Vervain 1, Salt 1 pinch. Burn with windows open to clear a disturbed home.

End Negativity Incense

Marjoram 1, Thyme 1, Oregano 1/2, Bay Leaves 1/4, Cloves 1/4

Banishing Incense

Bay Leaves 1, Cinnamon 2, Rose Petals 1, Myrrh Resin 2, Salt 1 pinch

Uncrossing Incense

Orris 1, Frankincense 2, Tonka Beans (ground) 1, Ginger Root (ground) 2

Marital Bliss Incense

Vanilla Bean (ground)1, Wintergreen 2, Khus Khus 1, Narcissus 1, Wintergreen Oil few drops. Burn at night when you go to bed.

House Blessing Incense

Lavender 1, Basil 1, Hyssop 1, Cucumber or Melon Oil few drops

Jinx Removing Incense

Rose Geranium Oil few drops, Clove 2, Deerstongue 1

Kyphi Incense

Used for banishing and purification. Based on ancient Egyptian formula. Myrrh 1, Frankincense 1, Storax 1, Balm of Gilead Buds (ground)1, Cassia or Cinnamon 1, Lotus Oil few drops, Musk Oil few drops. The ancient Egyptians also added honey and wine to the mixture which you may do if you like. Add only a little and let the incense dry prior to use.

Pax (Peace) Incense

Lavender 1, Lemon 1, Violet 1, Orris Root (ground) 2, Cardamom 1

Uncrossing Incense

Lavender 2, Rose, 1, Bay 2, Verbena 1

Binding Incense

Use outdoors to rid yourself of negative thoughts and habits. Nettle 4, Belladonna (poisonous, don't inhale)1/4, Aconite (poisonous, don't inhale) 1/4, Blessed Thistle 4, Bay 2

Clearing Incense

Frankincense 1, Copal Resin 1, Myrrh Resin 1, Sandalwood 1/2. Burn with windows open to remove negativity from the home.

Protection Incenses

Iron Protection Incense

Iron Filings 1/4, Galangal Root (powdered)1, Citronella Oil few drops

New Orleans Protection Incense

Myrrh 2, Bay Leaves 1/2, Cloves 1, Cinnamon 1

Pennyroyal Protection Incense

Verbena or Vetivert 2, Galangal 1, Pennyroyal 1, Rue 1/4, Cinnamon 1/2

Rosemary Incense

Rosemary 2, Orris Root (ground) 1/2, Basil 1, Frankincense 1

Peace and Protection Incense

Lavender 4, Thyme 3, Vervain 2, Basil 3, Frankincense 1, Rue 1 pinch, Gum Benzoin 1 pinch, Bergamot Oil few drops, Jasmine Oil few drops

Sandalwood Protection Incense

Sandalwood 3, Juniper 2, Vetivert 1

Total Protection Incense

Frankincense 2, Dragons Blood Resin 1, Wood Betony 1/2

10 Herb Protection Incense

Frankincense 2, Myrrh Resin 2, Juniper Berries 1, Rosemary 1/2, Avens 1/4, Mugwort 1/4, Yarrow 1/4, St. Johns Wort 1/4, Angelica 1/2, Basil 1

5 Resins Protection Incense

Frankincense 2, Copal Resin 1, Myrrh Resin 1, Dragons Blood Resin 1/2, Gum Arabic 1/2

Home Protection Incense

Orris Root (ground)1, Patchouli 1/4, Cloves 1/4, Sandalwood, 1, Lavender 1/2

Witches Bottle Home Protection Incense

Frankincense 1/2, Sage 3/4, Basil 1/2, Mistletoe 1/2, Garlic (dried and ground) 1/4, Rosemary 3/4, Rue 1/4, Sandalwood 1, Myrrh 1/2, Orris Root 1/2, Yarrow 1/2

Prevent Theft Incense

Ground Ivy 1, Juniper 1/2, Rosemary 1 1/2

Stop Theft Incense

Dogwood 1/2, Caraway 1/4, Rosemary 1/2, Tarragon 1/4, Willow 1, Honeysuckle Oil few drops

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