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Aroma therapy Formula for ADHD:

This is given in 5ml doses two times a day

70 ml Bacopa monneira;
50 ml Ginkgo biloba;
30 ml Valerian;
30 ml Panax ginseng;
30 ml Melissa officinalis.

Given in doses (Dose is 5 ml t.i.d.) two times daily in the morning and evening. Put in juice. or in mouth. I suggest juice


Dosages listed below are adult dosages. For children under six, give one quarter of the dosage. For children between six and twelve, give one half the dosage.

Avena Tincture. Take 10 drops in Reduces Symptoms of
1/4 cup water twice daily. withdrawal from Ritalin.
Relieves sadness and mild
depression in adults.

Brahmi Bacoside Tablets. Improves attention and
concentrate Take 300 mg. once daily. retention of new learning.

Chamomile (1) German chamomile Relieves allergies, inflammation,
tea bag, prepared with and insomnia.
1 cup water. Take once
or twice daily.

Ginkgo (2) Ginkgolide tablets. The best herb for adults
Take 160-180 mg. with ADD.
3 times daily.

Hawthorn Capsules. Take 3-5 gm. Relieves acting out, anxiety,
daily. and unrest in children. Stops
inflammatory responses
caused by allergies.

Lemon Balm Capsules. Take 240 mg. Hastens sleep and relaxes
with 45 minutes before muscle tension without
Valerian bedtime. causing daytime drowsiness.

Lobelia (3) Capsules. Take 500 - 1,000 For adults with ADD only.
mg. 3 times daily. Take for Especially useful if you
no more than 2 weeks at also have asthma.
a time. Product strength
varies: take a lower dosage
if recommended on the label.

Oligomeric Grapeseed or pine-bark An antidepressant that does
proanthocyanidins extract tablets. Take 20 mg. not cause emotional changes,
(OPC's) per 20 lbs. body weight. hyperactivity, or drowsiness.

Passionflower Tea bag, prepared with A calming agent that causes
1 cup water. Take 1-2 less drowsiness than
cups daily. prescription drugs.

Scutellaria (4) Capsules. Take 1000- Prevents allergic reactions.
2000 mg. 3 times daily.

Valerian Root Liquid extract, mixed in Used as a relaxant. Eases
juice according to label anxiety.
directions. Take 2-3 times
a day.

Wood Betony Low-alcohol tincture. Take For children with head or
as directed on label. facial pain, or adults with
high blood pressure.

(1) Do not use chamomile on an ongoing basis. Avoid if you are allergic to ragweed.
(2) Do not use ginkgo if you are taking blood-thinning medication. Discuss its use with your doctor before having any type of surgery.
(3) Do not give lobelia to a child under age 12.
(4) Do not use scuttellaria if you have diarrhea.


Include cold fish in the diet, such as tuna and salmon, as ell as plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans, and natural whole grains. You should avoid foods that contain natural salicylates, such as almonds, apples, apricots, berries, cherries, cucumbers, oranges, peppers, plums, and tomatoes.

Take 250 mg. of magnesium at night and 400-800 IU of vitamin E daily to ease sleep disrupting muscle cramp that can occur.

Use folic acid and iron supplements for children who have ADD/ADHD complicated by restless leg syndrome. High dose folic acid (35-60 mg. daily) is available by prescription only. Supplemental iron (200 mg. ferrous sulfate, 3 times daily) used for no more than two to three months supports the action of folic acid.

Avoid sugar, soft drinks. Even unsweetened soft drinks contain phosphates, which can displace calcium and magnesium in the body and lead to exaggerated muscle activity.

Identify allergies. Between 80-90% of all children with ADD/ADHD are allergic to the blue, red and yellow dyes used in food products. Other common allergens are citrus fruits, cows milk, grapes, peanuts, and tomatoes. To avoid exposure to dyes, do not use highly processed foods, especially colored candies.

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