Saturday, October 27, 2012

aroma therapy Apsen flower

Aspen Flower Therapy
Dr. Edward Bach

Aspen flower therapy is good for:

Inexplicable, vague fears, apprehension, secret fear of some impending evil.

Sypmptoms Due to Energy Block:

* Groundless fear, day and night
* Sudden anxiety attacks.
* Creepy sensation of fear, as if bewitched.
* Self-deception, delusions.
* Over-imaginativenes s.
* Fearful fascination with occult phenomena, superstitions.
* Fear of persecution, of punishment, fear of an invisible force of power.
* Nightmares, waking in fear and panic and not daring to go back to sleep.
* Afraid of thoughts and dreams on religious subjects, darkness and death.
* "Afraid of fear," but dares not talk about it with anyone.
* Anxiety attacks with trembling, sweating, gooseflesh.
* Children: afraid to be alone or sleep in the dark, for fear of the "boogey
man" or similar notions.
Anyone taking Aspen will find the fear and apprehension lessening and inner
confidence growing. They will become aware that behind the plane of fear there
lies something yet greater and more meaningful in which we are finally embedded
and held secure. There is awareness now that the divine poer of love, making
all fear unnecessary. Such trust makes it possible to consciously use the
positive side of material planes of consciousness, to explore these planes
without fear, experiment with them, and use the knowledge gained for the benefit
of one's fellow men. These are the qualities, for example, of good teachers,
psycho-therapists and people working in parapsychology.

Some practitioners specially recommend Aspen in the treatment of alcoholics who
are caught up in obsessional ideas, for women who have been raped, and for
children who have been abused. Such events can be attracted from the astral
plane by unconscious programming.

People who have become "too opened" up by certain group meditation techniques
need Aspen, as well as anyone who has been through horror trips due to drugs.

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