Thursday, October 25, 2012

Almond Infused Oil

Almond oil, is in my view one of the best infused oils, and has endless uses.
You use olive oil, and as many chopped almonds as you can fit in a jar, put it under your bed, but first say your intent for a good outcome. Leave it for a few weeks, bless
again and thank the powers that be.
Anoint by putting a drop behind each ear, the wrists and between
your collar bone, in the middle or slightly below, your power spot. And behind
knees. This a safe one to share. Blessings.

Everything I make mix, concoct, is in a natural ceramic or glass pot, jar. Container. Never use any kind of metal ever, not even a spoon, wooden spoons work. And return the used herbs to the earth when finished

or use a low heat method in a crock pot to make an herbal oil.

When you make an oil infusion over heat, always use a stainless steel pot or glass. I use a glass
double boiler. You can just as easily use a stainless pot and a heat
proof glass bowl over the top of boiling water. (make your own double
boiler) Aluminum, iron, or pot metal will taint your infusion.
Aluminum in cookware has been proven to be very bad for your health.
I wish that they would pull it off the market as cookware. Aluminum
can and will turn your infusions a dark color. This makes it
unhealthy and with some herbs it imparts a nasty metallic taste. (I
learned this the hard way) Slow cookers are wonderful. They have a
glass or ceramic liner, and can be turned down low. Some even come
with timers. Another tip for ya and I will shut up. "grin". If you
make a muslin bag large enough to put all your herbs in. It is easer
to strain them out of the mixture. All you have to do is squeeze out
the oil when you are done, and throw the entire thing away.

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