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jewery you can make

Pop top bracelet

2 ribbons long enough to go around wrist and tie a big bow

several coke tabs

beads to embelish

you have to start by holding three of them.two on the bottom one laying in the middle of the two.weave the ribbon thru the holes and add as you go.Make on total citcle or just half.  I did half and tied with the ribbon.


This one is not mine but so pretty that I just had to make it

Wrapped in Chains Bracelet

This bracelet project suggests you use Indian Red Swarovski Crystals, which are the closest color Swarovski has to Pantone's Honeysuckle. Enjoy this project, and may it "lift your spirits"!

This ingenious design fits beautifully around the wrist without the chains and beaded strand becoming tangled. Beautiful crystals make for a chic, sophisticated bracelet.

Design by Margot Potter

Materials 6mm CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements round crystals: 9 Indian sapphire, 9 Indian red

9 (6mm) jet CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements crystal rondelles

1/2-inch silver textured cross

8 (10mm) silver Balinese spacers

2 (3/4-inch) silver textured flattened bead cones

2 (1.3mm) silver-plated crimp tubes

4 (6mm) silver-plated jump rings

2 (20-gauge) silver-plated eye pins

22-gauge silver-plated head pin

2 (38-link) sections silver-plated rolo chain

8 inches .018-inch-diameter 49-strand nylon-coated flexible beading wire

Round-nose pliers

Chain-nose pliers

Crimp pliers

Wire nippers
 Finished Size 8 inches (including clasp)
String a crimp tube 1/2 inch from one end of beading wire; insert short wire tail through a jump ring and back through the crimp tube. Use crimp pliers to flatten the crimp tube.

String the following beads: Indian red, jet, Indian sapphire and a silver spacer. Continue stringing beads in this pattern until the final Indian sapphire bead has been strung.

String a crimp tube; insert wire through a jump ring and back through crimp tube and a few beads. Flatten the crimp tube. Trim excess wire.

Open end links of rolo chains and attach to end jump rings on opposite sides of beaded strand. Close links.

Open loop on an eye pin and slide onto one of the end jump rings; close loop.

Slide eye pin through wide end of a bead cone. Note: Keep chains to each side of beaded strand and let them fall beneath as the eye pin is pulled through cone.

Form a wrapped loop with wire extending from narrow end of cone; trim excess wire.

Repeat steps 5-7 for opposite end of bracelet.

Slide silver cross onto a head pin; form a wrapped loop. Trim excess wire. Use a jump ring to attach beaded head pin to one end of bracelet.

Attach clasp to opposite end with a jump ring.


The tree of life is a symbol which appears in a variety of different cultures. In most religions, it represents not only fertility and rebirth, but also the connection between the realms of earth and sky. It appears in Kabballah, as well as in sacred geometry. Within the Norse pantheon, some practitioners connect the tree of life with Yggdrasil, the World Tree. For many Pagans and modern Wiccans, the tree has personal meaning -- it often can symbolize rebirth and fertility, spiritual journeys, and growth.
If you'd like to make a tree of life pendant to wear, you can make one like this with just a few basic craft supplies.
You'll need:

Jewelry wire
Seed beads
Needlenose pliers
A chain or cord

The first thing you'll need to do is shape the outer circle of the pendant. The one in the photo is about an inch and a half wide, which seems to work well, but you can make it smaller or larger if you wish.

To make your circle, wrap a length of wire around a broom handle or dowel rod twice, leaving a bit of extra wire on either end, forming a double circle. Slide the wire circle off the dowel rod, and wrap the extra length around the double circle so that your wire won't unravel as you bead.

To form a ring at the top of the circle (which is where you'll thread a chain or cord through), simply twist a bit of the circle around the needlenose pliers before you secure the ends in place. Another option would be to slide a jeweler's "jump ring" onto the circle and crimp it with your pliers.

To form the roots of the tree, you'll need to cut four equal lengths of wire -- 7 to 9 inches is plenty (you'll be trimming off the excess later). Fold each of these pieces in half. Position them equally along the bottom where the roots of the tree will be, and wrap them around the outer circle as shown in the diagram. Use the needlenose pliers to crimp the wires into place. This will leave you with eight pieces of wire sticking off your outer circle.

The next step is to create the trunk of your tree. To do this, pull all eight of your wires into the center of the outer circle. Bring them together about a quarter to a third of the way into the circle, and twist them together as shown. Once the trunk has been twisted into place, fan the eight wires out to form the main branches of the tree.

Thread your seed beads onto the wires, working with one at a time. Once you've put enough beads on a branch to reach the outer circle, wrap the wire once around the circle to keep it in place. Repeat this with all eight branches.

Here's where things can get a bit tricky. Once you've filled all eight branches with beads up to the circle, you'll still have some spaces left. Add a few beads onto the remaining wires, and weave them in and out of the existing main branches. Use the needlenose pliers to help you guide the wires in -- it may get tight as you add more wires and beads. Continue doing this until you've filled in as much of your tree as you want

Once you've filled in as much of the wires and beads as possible, use the needlenose pliers to weave any poky bits of wire into the design -- you don't want them jabbing you when you wear it! Trim off any excess strands of wire after you've woven them in.
Add a chain or cord, and wear your new pendant!


Treat yourself -- or someone special -- to a beautiful bib necklace with this simple project.
Tools and Materials
Assorted glass gems
Ultrasuede or felt
Pencil or disappearing-ink marker
Fabric glue
Ribbon in desired color
Invisible thread (optional)
Necklace How-To1. make a   bib necklace template. Trace and cut necklace shape from two pieces of Ultrasuede or felt.
2. Arrange gems on fabric foundation, starting at center and working out.
3. Carefully coat back of each gem with glue and adhere to fabric. Let dry.
4. Cut ribbon into two equal-length pieces, keeping in mind that these pieces will determine the length of your necklace. Glue ribbons to each end of fabric for ties. Let dry.
5. If desired, turn necklace over and use invisible thread to anchor the gems. Coat second cut piece of Ultrasuede or felt with thin layer of glue and cover back of necklace, hiding the thread.
6. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut away extra fabric.

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