Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stress and Jet lag

Holiday lift Oil

Maybe you're going out of town or having a houseful
of company for the holidays. Here's a blend with a fresh
aroma that will revitalize and is an excellent tonic for
the respiratory system.

5 drops Lavender e.o.
3 Eucalyptus e.o.
2 Fir e.o.
2 Pine e.o.
1 oz carrier oil

Blend in 1 oz. carrier oil. I like to add some Castor Oil
as they say it activates the T cells of the Immune System.
Use as a massage oil or add to the bath for a relaxing soak.

Cardamom pulse point therapy oil

When you're stressed out or are suffering from jet-lag.

 1 oz. glass bottle
1 oz. carrier oil (I like sweet almond oil for this one)
3 drops cedarwood e.o.
5 drops grapefruit e.o.
2 drops cardamom e.o.

Fill your bottle about halfway with the carrier oil. Add e.o's and shake well to disperse then cover the bottle and shake again. Apply this mixture where needed or massage into your whole body. 


Lavender Bath Bomb

Lavender essential oil is reassuring, soporific, and is often the first choice of aromatherapists, for treating emotional or mental stress.

It also reduces muscular pain, whether from illness or physical exertion, and soothes the skin.

4 cups Epsom salts
2 cups Sea salt
1 cup non fat powdered milk
2 cups oatmeal ground to a very fine powder in a food processor or coffee grinder.
40 drops of lavender essential oil

Mix together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl, sieve if you wish, then add the lavender
10 drops at a time, thoroughly mix it through.
Do this 4 times, so that the lavender essential oil is distributed
wrap put 2-3 tbls full in the middle of plastic wrap , bring up sides and twist shut. Tie with pretty ribbons if setting on a shelf or giving as gifts


Sleepy time bath

Perfect for when you are overstimulated after a hectic day.

1 handful of chamomile flowers
2 chamomile tea bags
sandalwood i ncense (optional)
candles (optional)
1 quart water
Optional 8-10 pellets of homeopathic chamomile 30 x into the bathwater

Start by steeping the chamomile flowers in a quart of water for twenty minutes. During this time cover your head with a towel and position your head over the stove and inhale the healing aroma of the chamomile steam. Strain and pour the liquid into your bath.

Next using the two teabags make yourself a cup of chamomile tea to sip in the bathtub, steep it lightly and save the teabags. Once immersed in the tub, put on some relaxing music. Light the candles and your favorite incense. Close your eyes and place a warm tea bag over each eye.

Now imagine yourself drifting off to the seashore, where you are stretched out on the comforting sand. The sun is gently warming your body. Imagine the rolling sounds of the waves as you let yourself drift...drift. It is also helpful whenever you are stressed and fatigued to breathe deliberately. A simple thing you can do in the tub is put your awareness into your inhalation and exhalation and at the same time concentrate on your big toes. The big toe is a reflex point in your body for your head. According to the Yogis, energy enters through the head and exits through the feet. This is a good way of exiting all your mental stresses and calming your mind. (You can also do this exercise in bed)


Executive stress bath

This bath is for stress, insomnia and high blood pressure. It soothes the mind and rejuvenates the heart. It also uses a wonderfully masculine scent, and is very healing for tired, stiff or overworked muscles.

Lavender was used by the Greeks and Romans to calm wild animals. It acts to calm the aggressive instincts in humans and relaxes the body and mind to induce sleep. Lavender helps bring about a state of peace and can bring over emotional people under control by connecting the conscio us mind with their actions and hearts. Marjoram is superb for treating heart conditions. It has been though since roman times that the scent of marjoram promotes longevity. Don't take this bath if you
are planning to make love afterward-it' s far too relaxing.

5 drops of marjoram essential oil
10 drops of lavender

Pour the ingredients in a hot tub. Soak in the bath for about 20 minutes. Remember to unplug the phone and put your favorite unwinding music on the stereo. Try to quiet your mind by concentrating on your breath.. Be aware of each inhalation and exhalation.

As you begin to relax, become aware of your heartbeat and how it's strong, sturdy rhythm replenishes your body's energy. Mentally relax the rest of your body and banish all thoughts of business and stress. This is a great way to come down from an especially trying day. By giving yourself the gift of tranquility you will be strengthened for the fray when you choose to return to it.

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