Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Leaves Towel

Finished size: 14 x 26
Skill level: beginner
Crafting time: less than 2 hours
What a great way to add a touch of autumn to your kitchen décor. This Accent
towel is very simple to make, great for a beginner. It requires a few fabric
scraps in green and shades of brown, 2 wide pre-gathered lace for trim, black
embroidery floss, iron on fusible web and a tea towel. Two basic stitches are
used; blanket stitch to outline leaves and stem stitch for stems. Trim can be
sewed on by machine or hand. Project can be completed in less than 2 hours


* White and beige tea towel
* Fabric scraps: dark brown 4 square; light brown, 4 square; beige 4 square;
green 2 square

* Fusible web
* 1 ½ beige pre-gathered lace, 28 length
* Black embroidery thread
Supplies: embroidery needle, scissors, iron, beige thread, pins, sewing needle
or sewing machine.


1. Attach fusible web to back of fabric pieces. Trace patternson paper
backing, large leaf to dark and light brown, three small leaves to beige and one
small leave to green fabric. Cut out leaves.

2. Remove backing from leaves. Using picture as placement guide arrange
leaves on towel. Fuse into place with iron.

3. Embroidery. Use three strands of thread throughout. Stitch blanket
stitch around leaf edges and stem stitch for stems.

4. Pin lace to bottom edge of towel folding edges over 1 and sew into

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