Monday, October 15, 2012

Dream pillows

Dream pillows are used to enhance the dream state. They are usually used for telling the future.

Dark Lady's Dreams filling

1/2 palm-full Cinnamon
3 whole Allspice
1/2 palm full Sweet Dittany of Crete
1 pinch Cedar
1 pinch Fennel
6 drops Hyacinth Oil,
2 pinches Rosemary
6 drops Cinnamon oil
1 1/2 pinches Mullein
2 pinches Benzoic
1 palm Witch-hazel
4 pinches Saltpeter -- more or less to suit

Put all together and put into a small pillow to smell while sleeping, can be tied on your head board.

Here is also an insense you can burn

Dream Incense
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Rose
1 part Camphor
A few drops of Jasmine Oil

Burn a bit in the bedroom to produce psychic dreams.

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