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Materials needed for EACH flower essence to be prepared:

1 clear, unadorned glass bowl, to hold about 12 oz. Of water

1 16-oz. Glass storage bottle (blue is preferred, but amber, green, or
Clear glass is acceptable), with a new cork stopper and a blank label

12 oz. Of unpolluted local spring water (preferred) or distilled water, in
A glass bottle with cork stopper (you can use a wine bottle)

4 oz. Of pure brandy

Several wild or organically grown plants of the chosen species, in full
Bloom with abundant flowers

1 4-oz. Bottle (again, blue preferred, but amber, green, or clear is
Acceptable) with blank label and glass dropper and bulb in cap, to hold the
"stock" tincture (diluted from mother essence)

Several 2-oz. Bottles (blue preferred etc.) with blank label and glass
Dropper and bulb in cap, for the "dosage" tinctures (diluted from the stock
Tincture; one bottle for each person who takes the essence)

The last two above items are the hardest to find, but fortunately you don't
Need them to prepare the mother essence, you only need them when you dilute
The essences for use.

Other items needed for making and storing flower essences:

1 glass funnel

2 finger-sized quartz crystals, unpolished

1 kitchen

1 pot (with lid) made of enamel, glass, copper, or stainless steel, big
Enough to hold bowl & bottles, for sterilizing

1 linen cloth

Sea salt

A box in which you can place the mother bottles for carrying in such a way
That they will not touch each other

Before making any essences, clean the cupboard or shelf space where they
Are to be stored, using distilled water and a linen or cotton cloth. Put
Some quartz crystals in the area.

Steps preparatory to making flower essences:

1. Sterilize the pot by boiling tap water in it for 10 minutes. Discard the

2. Wash the bowl, the bottles, and the funnel.

3. Sterilize the bowl, the bottles, and the funnel by boiling them in the
Pot with tap water for 10 minutes.

4. Label the 16-oz. Mother bottles with the name of the flower

5. Collect the spring water you'll need (12 oz. Per essence).

Then follow these steps:

1. Pour 12 oz. Of spring water into a bowl.

2. Ask permission of the spirits of the plants for use

3. If the plant gives its assent, place the bowl on the ground near the
Plants to catch the sun.

4. Remove flowers one at a time and place each immediately on the surface
Of the water. Pick enough to cover the whole surface. It is important to
Be very gentle, as any great shock to the plant will cause its essence
(energy field) to retreat into the ground. If several plants are
Available, pick the healthiest looking flowers from them all, rather than
Denuding one plant. Try not to take more than half the flowers on any one
Plant; this is simple courtesy.

5. Note the time. Go rinse your hands, then take them back to the spot
Where you left your other equipment.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other flower essences being prepared.

7. When all the flower gathering is done, pour 4 oz. Of brandy into each
Of the 16-oz. Mother tincture bottles. Then leave the bowl of flowers has
Been basking in the sun for three hours.

8. Take the funnel and the mother bottle to the bowl that's done, then
Carefully remove the flowers from the water. Also remove any insects or
Debris that may have fallen into the water. The water should look sparkling
And clean. Pour the water into the bottle using the funnel. Set the bowl
Aside to be sterilized (away from the other equipment and the brandy). Put
The mother bottle in the storage space or in the carrying box.

9. Go rinse your hands and the funnel, then return to the spot where you
Left your equipment.

10. Repeat steps 8-9 for the other flower essences.

To prepare a 4-oz. Stock bottle, wait at least two days after making the
Mother tincture. Then wash and sterilize the stock bottle, and put 1 oz.
Of brandy in it. Fill the rest of the bottle with 3 oz. Of spring
Water. Fill the stock bottle dropper with mother tincture from the mother
Bottle. Add 7 drops to the stock bottle. Empty the remaining mother
Tincture in the mother bottle, replace the dropper in the stock bottle, and
cork the mother bottle. Wipe the mother bottle with linen dipped in a
solution of water and sea salt. Shake the stock bottle about 15 times and
store it in the cupboard or shelf.

To prepare some 2-oz. dosage bottles: again, wait at least two days after
the stock tincture has been prepared. Wash, sterilize, and label the
dosage bottles, fill each with 1/2 oz. brandy and 1 1/2 oz. spring water,
then use the stock bottle dropper to add 7 drops of stock tincture to each
dosage bottle. Cap all bottles. Shake each dosage bottle 15 times. The
dosage bottles are ready for immediate use.

A flower essence that is being taken for a specific problem is usually
taken once a day by placing seven drops in a glass of water, then drinking
the water. For dream recall, it would make sense to take the essence in
the evening. If you don't want to drink the water, you can simply put
seven drops from the dosage bottle under your tongue.

Never put the stock bottle dropper into an unsterilized bottle or a bottle
containing a different flower essence. Never share a single dosage bottle
between two people. Store the stock and mother bottles so they don't touch
each other; keep the mother bottles about 1 foot apart. Wipe them once
every three months with linen dipped in a solution of water and sea salt to
clean them of environmental contamination.

Roses, lotus, papaya, and mango require 50% brandy instead of 25%.

The *intent* of the person making the essence is probably the most
important factor.

Properly stored, mother tinctures can last indefinitely. If you only use
them to prepare stock bottles, and only use the stock bottles to prepare
dosage bottles, one 16 oz. mother bottle will supply you and all your
relations with plenty of flower essence for the next seven generations. So
it's worth taking care to do it right.

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