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Sage and Echinacea and all spice


Sage has astringent, antiseptic, and irritant properties. You may see Sage medicines advertised as Clary Sage. This is just another form of Sage that originates in the Mediterranean but has the same medicinal properties as the other sages.

Used in medications for mouth sores, mouth ulcers, and sore throat medications - try a tea with equal parts chamomile and Sage).

For sore throats, try mixing a Sage tea with apple cider vinegar and salt for gargling.

Sage is reported to have moisture-drying properties, and can be used as an antiperspirant.

It can also be used as a compress on cuts and wounds.

Clinical studies have also shown that it can lower blood sugar in cases of diabetes. You can make capsules out of dried leaves as a substitute for teas for internal use.

As an astringent, Sage can be used as a refreshing after-shave.

An infusion of sage can be used to subtly color silver hair.

Sage can also be tried in a tea for digestive problems and flatulence.

In an exciting new study done in 2003, English scientists at Newcastle and Northumbria found that Sage oil extracts in capsule form produced markedly improved memory function in test subjects, and it is very possible that Sage may protect a key chemical destroyed in the brain by Alzheimer's disease. Better yet, no side effects whatsoever were reported by participants. Although studies are not complete at this time, this is very promising research and should be followed by anyone who has or is caring for Alzheimer's patients
Note do not use if you are an epileptic or are prone to seizures



You may of possibly had Echinacea or Cone Flowers growing in your garden.
Echinacea was used by Native Americans for centuries before the pilgrims ever came into the picture. It was used to heal and treat snakebite, fevers and slow healing wounds. Echinacea
is a strong healing herb, which is again becoming well known in the medical community for its healing abilities and the fact that it builds the bodies on resistances and immune system.

Folk Names; Cone Flower and Purple Cone Flower.

Magickal Powers;

Healing and Strengthening Magick.

Echinacea was used by Native Americans within their healing magick and to call the spirits of the ancestors to help and protect them in hunting and battle.

Echinacea is also used in magick for strengthen the powers with the magick being worked.

Medical Uses;

Aids, Lupus, Diseases of the Immune Systems, Speed Recovery, Infections, Colds and Flu.

Echinacea is now under investigation by AIDS research because of its natural ability to fight disease and stimulate the bodies on immune systems.

This is a good blend of healing herbs that will help build your immune systems.

Immune Building Blend;

1/3 cup Echinacea
1/4 cup Elecampane
1/4 cup Comfrey
1/4 cup Mint, (for flavor)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in and airtight jar.

Take one teaspoon herb mix and pour 1 cup boiling water over the herbs and steep for 3 minutes. Add honey to taste.

Drink one cup of tea daily.

You could use the same blend in a tincture if you prefer smaller daily doses.

Echinacea made into teas will ease fevers and speeds the recovery from colds, chills and flu.

Made into a tincture it will fight infections of the urinate track and kidneys.

Echinacea made into a wash will clean and help heal wounds and infections because of its natural antibiotics.

Taken in pills for acute infections and at the onset of colds and flu to lesson or stop their affects.

Powder made from Echinacea is use to heal skin rashes and even boils. It can be added to creams and infusions for the same affect. A nice natural baby powder, which will also heal and fight against dipper rash or heat rash, can be easily made.

Healing Body Powder;

You’ll Need;
1 8 oz Box Corn Starch
1 8 oz Box Baking Soda
4 oz of powdered Echinacea.

Put all 3 ingredients into a jar that you can put a lid on and shake it all together until completely blended. This makes about 1 pound and can be keep and used as any other powder.


The scent will help to when there is tension between people, its scent sooths and relaxes
people who were in the same room where you place a dish of the Allspice.

Allspice is easily found in grocery stores and any herb shop. It can be used both whole and powdered.

Folk names: All Spice, Allspice, Jamaica pepper, Myrtle pepper, Pimento, or Newspice

Magickal Power;

Healing, Fortune, and Luck.

To bring on healing mix with honey and lemon and put into teas and tonics.

Place inside the room of someone sick to help speed their recovery and clam frayed nerves.

Allspice can be used as incense in magickal work and spells by adding it to your burning coals or incense.

Placed in a small bag of green cloth that has been passed through the smoke from burning Allspice, will bring money when carried.

Having Allspice in your home is also to bring luck to your home.

Medical Uses;
Chills, Stop Flatulence and Hair Growth.
Allspice is used in tonics and given to those who are sick and having chills because of its warming affect on the body.
Remarkable when used in teas or taken it will easy and stop (flatulence) , Gas and Gas pains.
Because of its sweet scent, some think is has a scent like carnations, it is used in the making of perfumes to this day.

Made and mixed with a mustard plaster of bay oil, rum, (yes the stuff
you drink) and powdered mustard. It is a scalp stimulant and believed
to speed and return the growth of hair.

The leaves from the tree of Allspice are distilled to make Bay Oil.


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