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Smudging Herbs

Smudging Herbs

Following are some basic uses of various herbs used commonly in the Far East
Middle East and North & South American Cultures.

Alfalfa ~ protect from proverty
Allspice ~ attract luck
Amaranth ~ heal broken heart
Star Anise ~ restore lost youth
Aspen ~ eloquence, anti-theft
Blue Spruce ~ nobility, grace
Lemon Balm ~ success
Basil ~ attract customers, fidelity
Bay Leaves ~ prophetic powers
Calendula ~ prophecy of legal matters
Carnation ~ strength
Catnip ~ courage, friendship
Chamomile ~ luck in gambling
Cinnamon ~ empowerment
Cloves ~ comfront of bereaved, anti-gossip
Comfrey ~ safety during travel
Copal ~ purity of love
Dandelion ~ divination, wishes
Dill ~ protection of children
Eucalyptus ~ healing, protection
Frankincense ~ sacred consecration
Ginger ~ power, success
Lavender ~ chasity, peace
Lemon Grass ~ repel snakes
Lilacs ~ protects property
Mugwort ~ astral projection, dreams
Myrrh ~ spiritual meditation
Peppermint ~ psychic visions
Pinon ~ invite sweet positivity
Roses ~ attract love, domestic peace
Rosemary ~ spiritual healing, protection
Sage Flowers ~ end emotional conflict
Sunflower ~ attract happiness
Tamarisk ~ divination, exorcism
Thyme ~ release the past
Uva Ursi ~ psychic dreams
Wintergreen ~ hex breaking
Yarrow ~ release fears

Sage is used for cleansing, to dispel negativity, evil spirits and intents,
to purify, to release ghosts to the spirit world and to cleanse past
occupants from a new home. A combination of sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco is
used when seeking visions. Juniper especially is the favourite of the
Thunderbird (called Wakinyan by Lakotas), who protects the 4 winds and
weather. The Thunderbird is a book in itself, but for general purposes, it
sweeps newness and freshness in with the winds. Don't forget to burn juniper
during a thunderstorm for the Thunderbirds pleasure.
Since the list left some out ... Including important ones I've always
been told to use, I'm adding them here ...

Cedar ~ invites positive energy, purification
Cypress ~ comfort, healing, protection
Dragons Blood ~ protection, exorcism
Juniper ~ invites positive energy,
Sweetgrass ~ invites good spirits, balance, offering

Black Pepper is a protective fragrance that when used with the right
Intent, allows our guardian angels to bring protective elements into
Our lives.

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