Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ways To Use Frankincense Oil

A few of my favorite ways to use Frankincense oil. Actually, there are a lot
more ways than 9 for using Frankincense.

1. Mood uplifting~ I really love the mood uplifting oils.
Frankincense is very powerful this way. You can wear it
like a perfume.

2. Frankincense is great for skin care ~ Frankincense promotes
skin regeneration, and is an excellent choice for preventing
or reducing wrinkles when used topically. I personally use
it neat, but some prefer to dilute it with a carrier oil.

3. Relieve Skin Itching ~ Apply a couple drops of Frankincense
to the area of itching.

4. Relieve Pain - Rub on sore joints to relieve arthritis
pain and pain from injuries.

5. Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes ~ Apply a drop of Frankincense
to wounds to clean and disinfect.

6. Remove Warts ~ Apply topically to the wart. Apply a
couple times a day until the wart is gone. May take a couple weeks.

7. Reduce Inflammation - Put a few drops in capsule or apply topically.

8. Reduce Brain Fog ~ Frankincense is high in sesquiterpenes.
It can be helpful on those days when your brain seems a little
sluggish. Put a couple drops on your temples and in your hands.
Cup hands over your nose and deeply inhale.

9. Strengthen Immune System ~ Apply to bottom of feet or take
in capsule. Never take oils internally unless you are using
Young Living Oils. Many oils are adulterated even though labeled 100% PURE.

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