Sunday, October 21, 2012

natural colors for Ostara Eggs

Ostara Dyed Eggs

Boil a handful of an herb of flower until the water is well colored,
simmer for 30 minutes and strain.
Place the water into a heat-resistant cup or bowl, stir in a tsp
of vinegar to cup or small bowl. (For larger amounts use 1 tbsp
vinegar/1 quart liquid) Add a pinch of salt

Allow soaking, The longer you leave the eggs in, the darker they

Coloring Herbs

* Yellow= Carrots, White Grape Juice, Turmeric (about ½ tsp
in a small amount of water), Fenugreek

* Orange= Onion Skins, Madder Root, Cayenne
* Red= Red Onion Skins, Madder Root, Cayenne, Cranberries
* Red-Violet= Purple Grape Juice, Red Raspberries
* Green= Carrot Tops, Bracken, Colts-foot, Spinach
* Black= black Raspberries
* Blue= Blueberries, Red Cabbage, Black Raspberries
* Blue-Violet= Blackberries, Beet Juice, Mulberries, Red onion
skins (boil the onion skins with the eggs)

* Pink= Heather, Madder Root
You can also draw a pattern on your eggs first with white crayon
or wax and the dye won't stick to that part showing your design.
If you crack the shell carefully all over the egg itself will also
take on the color where the cracks are. This is very pretty when
peeled later.

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